On Writing 💩

06 December 2017

I have always struggled with writing. I’m not the most articulate individual you will ever meet and I always give myself a hard time because of it. I try to read big thick books from adventure to science in the hope that some of the authors meticulously planned sentences will rub off on me. I also try and spend some evenings coming up with ideas for articles never quite being able to finish them.

After every nights writing I would read what I had written and I would criticise it, “who would want to read this tut”, I would think to myself, delete my article and go to bed frustrated.

My current approach doesn’t seem to be working so it is time to get real. Even if it is just one article a month or one every 3 months or less I intend to break my self criticism. It is a demon inside my head that I need to exorcise.

I am a good user interface designer and have also been working as a front end developer for a number of years and these experiences have taught me that I have plenty that I can write about. I have also recently joined Valtech, a full service, fully agile digital engineering team who practice the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Google it if you need to. This is the approach I hope to take to my own writing, get something published and iterate!

So it is with hope and determination that I publish this article, hopefully the first of many. It doesn’t matter if I think they are crap. 💩